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You are invited to participate fully in the life of our community – whether in our worship services, attending our various social events, joining one of our smaller groups, or serving in a variety of opportunities to assist others.

At the Church of the Epiphany we provide a gathering place where diverse peoples come to love and be loved, to grow in faith and spirit, to explore what matters most in life and to celebrate life together.  Our embracing community is open to all people, and is constantly evolving and growing.


We look forward to welcoming you personally.

Get Together

Come and meet people in the congregation after each of our worship services, on Fridays and Sundays. We gather for a time of refreshment and fellowship over tea, coffee and snacks. 

Social Events

We organise numerous social activities and outings to have fun together as a community.  These are more often than not outside the church property and range from bowling events, to dinners, to movie nights to picnics in the desert!  All are welcome…both those in the congregation and in the larger community.


To find out what's on, check out our Calendar or contact Ozzy Nwandu, the Social Ministry Coordinator, tel. 3302 7449.

Cultural Ambassadors

This is a unique ministry that helps those from the diverse cultures that attend our church experience a warm welcome, to integrate smoothly and to participate in the life of the church.  We currently have Cultural Ambassadors for Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, South Africa, UK/Europe, USA, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Southeast Asia (Malaysia & Philippines).

To connect with your Cultural Ambassador, contact Randall Rhodes, Cultural Ambassador Coordinator: rndllrhodes9@gmail.com



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