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The offices and worship services of The Church of the Epiphany in Doha are held at The Anglican Centre which is part of the Religious Complex.

Approximately 80,000 Christians from all over the world visit the Religious Complex on a typical Friday, the day of worship in Qatar. Security personnel and police are on hand to ensure the safety of all visitors. 


Please park in the Religious Complex Main Parking area. 

Then make your way to the Main Security Gate (white tent) where your bags will be checked and you go through a metal detector to enter. 

During the hot months, a free “summer taxi” will be operating from the Main Security Gate (white tent) to The Anglican Centre.

route to church.jpg
Religious Complex Map 2.jpg
route to the church

Once inside the Complex turn left, following the main road, and then take a right. The Anglican Centre is the last building on the left.

Our Friday worship services are held in the Church of the Epiphany Sanctuary on the 1st Floor. The sanctuary is in the middle of the building at the top of the main entrance stairs. 

      The elevator is down the hall to the left of the stairs. 


If you are coming for our Sunday evening worship service, make your way to The Chapel of All Nations on the Ground Floor, left of the interior entrance steps.

                Directions to download and print

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