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Many people find themselves looking for a church because of a change in life circumstance; the birth of a child, an engagement, or a decision to follow in the way of Christ by being confirmed into the Church. We strive to make God’s presence known in all of these instances.

Baptismal Font, Church of the Epiphany Doha

Baptism is considered a sacrament of our Christian faith. Baptism initiates people, by water and the Holy Spirit, into the Body of Christ. It may occur at any age and is performed by a priest in the church. We regard the sacrament of baptism as a Holy Mystery, which means we can understand the meaning of the act without ever fully fathoming the depths of its significance. We primarily baptise by the sprinkling of water and making the sign of the cross on the forehead with anointing oil to invite the presence of God’s Spirit.  

If you are interested in being baptised, or having your child baptised, please either email or phone us (see below).  A meeting will then be scheduled to discuss the meaning of baptism, and to make the necessary arrangements.

               tel: +974 4416 5728


A church wedding is the Christian celebration of a couple's love and commitment to each other and to God. This sacred ceremony, in which you enter into a covenant with God and one another, creates the foundation for your marriage.  

If you are interested in getting married and having one of our clergy officiate your wedding ceremony, please contact the church office to arrange a meeting with one of our clergy.   Please note that anyone wanting to get married conducted by an Anglican Priest must give a minimum notice of six to eight weeks. Counseling sessions with the officiating priest will likely be required to discuss important topics that will naturally arise in the life of any couple, laying the groundwork for the couple’s life together.

Also, please note that if the Church agrees to conduct a wedding service, all the legal and spiritual preparations required by the Church need to be completed before a wedding can take place in the church, so give yourself enough time to plan ahead and complete the steps required.

There are rules and regulations for marriages in Qatar, and the clergy of the Church of the Epiphany are licensed by the State of Qatar to conduct marriages, subject to the couple meeting all the requirements for getting married in Qatar.

If you have been married in a Civil Ceremony and you would like a Marriage Blessing Service in our church, we can arrange this too.

               tel: +974 4416 5728

Marriage Application (Word doc)

Marriage Regulations and Procedures (PDF)

Youth Confirmation.jpg

Confirmation is a public ceremony in which we express a mature commitment to Christ, and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop.  It is a time when a teenager or adult makes the decision to take ownership of the promises made by their parents, and Godparents, at their baptism, in order to live out their Baptismal Covenant.

All youth are invited to participate in our annual confirmation classes if they feel ready, so long as they are at least 13 years old.  Those wishing to participate in the confirmation classes are asked to prayerfully commit to attend the classes and be an active member in them. Those who choose to be confirmed at the end of the classes will participate in the Confirmation service during the bishop’s visit to the parish.

               tel: +974 4416 5728

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